7 Wonders of the World!!

  1. The Taj Mahal, India
  2. Petra, Republic of Jordan
  3. Colosseum, Rome
  4. Machu Picchu, Peru
  5. Chichen Itza, Mexico
  6. Great Wall of China, China
  7. Christ the Redeemer, Republic of Brazil

I want to end my last blog post with something different and it is with 7 Wonders of the WORLD.  Out of the 7 wonders of the world, I Have been to one of them and it was Taj Mahal. It was before coming to the States and around 2005 as a family, we got to visit Taj Mahal. The experience was great and i loved it. It’s really amazing to see how they build the building with full of white marbles and how they manage the whole place. Taj Mahal is one of the incredible place that i have visited because i was just amazed to walk through the white marble and the feel you get, is so GREAT.  Really wish that i get a chance to visit the other 6 places.

Final Reaction Post!

As this semester is coming to an end, I’m having a mixed feelings of Happy and Sad at the same time.  I am feeling happy and sad  right now because I really enjoyed taking  this class a lot. Even though, in the beginning i was unsure about this class, because heard from a friend of mine,that we have present in front of  the class. I’m not that kind of person who likes to talk in front of the class. I’m more of like a person, who is quiet and  likes to finish my work and leave. But this CLASS really changed the whole thought and view and made me to realize that every ones work really matters and is very important and it speaks about  themselves. Since all the work we did through our websites, it’s all about our interest, and what we really enjoy in life itself. I would really recommend people to take this class, because they can learn so many new skills. I’m happy  to meet Natasha http://natashaabb.com/ 

and Keville http://srmediastudio.com/ and  they both are good friends.

I will apply all the skills that i have learned from this class and try to use it in the future. When I make my own website, i can use the gifs, net art, vapor wave using through NEW HIVE and PHOTOSHOP.  Those are the two main tools to make our works seem to be proficient in the real world. I will try my best to maintain this website because i really enjoyed putting all my work here and for other people to see and comment to it. It makes me to realize how much we can do with our website, with all the tools we have. Most of the time we don’t realize how much we can do and learn from a class, until we apply and use when we need to.  We need to make sure that we take some  time to learn  new things and bring it to consideration later on. I’m so glad that i took this class and really appreciate what i learned from this class before I graduate.

It’s That Time of The Year!!!

I wanted to end my website with a final blog post and it’s about CHRISTMAS!!!!! I’m pretty sure Christmas is everyone’s happy time of the year because it is filled with happiness, joy, love, gift-giving, and it’s the time where we spend with family and end the year with a good note. For me at least, Christmas is the most time of the year, because i enjoy putting the christmas tree up with family, decorating the tree, decorating the lights with house, and baking cookies. I don’t think no other holiday can be Christmas because Christmas is that special and as you see i have no words to describe about Christmas.

Would like to know how others feel about Christmas? Feel free to share you feelings.

Maldives here I come!

This place called Maldives is one of my dream place to go to in the future.  I have seen so many pictures on online and every time i see the pictures, it makes me jealous. I need to make the money that i need to go there ad to enjoy. That life is so beautiful, there is no words to describe it. Especially, in the night it is majestic. More over the water is what catches my attention  the most because the water is so blue. I admire this place so much and hoping one day my dream come true. It seem like Maldives is a place where you can just sit and relax and just to enjoy life. I don’t know why I am so in love with this place, but I am just because of seeing the pictures.  If i had a chance to stay there, I think i would. My life is juts full of dreams.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! This past thursday was Thanksgiving and forever grateful for what I have in my life. Thanksgiving is that time of year, where all the family get together and meet and have family dinner together. This post might be kind of personal to me because i just want to be open and grateful for what I have. The list is non-stop but it keeps going on forever and ever because everyday in SPECIAL .

  1. Thankful for my family and friends
  2. Thankful for the health
  3. Thankful for the school and the teachers
  4. Thankful for the clothes, and shelter
  5. Thankful for the day itself, and able to see another day
  6. Thankful for life
  7. Thankful for my sibling and bro-in law
  8. Thankful for the creations that are out in the world
  9. Thankful for the weather changes
  10. Thankful for everything in Life

Stand Up Propaganda Post!

Everyone has a  right to STAND UP for them-self and for what they believe in.  NO one has to be afraid of standing up and fighting for their own rights. The world that we live in that , has a lot corruptions that through th

Skateboard Vapor Wave

I always wanted to try skateboarding and I did it once and after that i could not do it anymore. The reason I could not do it because i was afraid of falling off. I did not have the proper balance and the confidence in myself.  Now I really wished i was not worried about falling and losing my balance. Skateboarding looks very cool and fascinating and one day, hopefully I can do it. It’s very interesting to see people do all kinds of trick, and wonder “OH MY GOD” how do they do it. Definitely, it takes a lot of practice and practice. Practice makes everything perfect at the end.

Street Art!!

How amazing is this post? It’s a Street NetArt post. I do like cars and enjoy driving them for a long distance. Especially, when we are going a away for a week or so and i like to drive the car a little fast.  I enjoy driving the car and along putting my windows down and just enjoying the breeze on my face. It’s just an amazing feeling you get when you drive the car, with the windows down.

Waterfall NetArt!

I really enjoyed doing this post today, because I got used to using New Hive and it’s really amazing what can be done. I do enjoy seeing waterfall because it helps to relax and gives me the peace of mind. Also along with that the view of any waterfall amazes me and would do a hike for it. In this picture, if you take a close look to the right down of waterfall, you can see two fishes that are in love. I thought it was pretty cool to add that picture because it has a cool effect on it. Also just to remind people that visit this site, is that to Live The Life To The Fullest!!!. No matter what happens in life, just remember to enjoy.

Rain Net Art!!

 First Net Art Ever!!! It’s amazing how it works. It’s pretty cool to see what technology can do. In the beginning, it seems to be a lot of work and confusing but it’s not too bad. Once you follow the steps, that professor showed in class and along with that if you used new hive its easy.

New Hive: Step 1: Pick any gif background

Step 2: Pick a foreground picture and upload that image on New Hive (Save these two pictures first)

Step 3: SO you can see the two pictures. One is gif and the other one is still. Or whatever you want. You can also blend the pictures in and increase and decrease the size of the picture.

Step 4: Using QuickTime Player- screen record the image how long you want, then save and bring into Photoshop.

Step 5: Then click on file and click on exort web and the right corner change it to gif and change the once to forever which is at the bottom. You can preview it want and then press okay.